What’s important in your job?

What’s important to you in your job?

In September 2012 Evolvia conducted a Mini Study on linked-in to examine what is important in the job. The study ran into 5 groups and the idea was to focus on what the individual focuses on whether you have a job or not. During the process, several wanted to be able to respond with more than one box and I hope everyone has made their own priorities, even though it was only possible to put one cross. The study gives the individual person an opportunity to get closer to knowing what is most important right now.

The result is as you can see, that MEANING is the absolute first place, while VITALITY is second. There is no relationship between what you answer, if you are without a job or if you have a job at the moment. Nor whether you are a leader or not. The idea behind the study was to highlight that each of us keeps us sharp, whether we are in or out of the job market.

Thanks to all who participated with a cross or good comments.

If you have not taken a decision yet, I recommend you to take a short timeout, no matter where you are in life. A timeout where you find out what gives you energy and then think about what is important.

Do the following:

1) Write down what ever makes you happy. What do you do? Are you alone or with someone?
Some people meditate, breathe deeply, walk in the woods, run, take a long bath, drink a slow cup of tea / coffee. Do whatever gives you energy.

2) Once you have filled yourself up with good internal energy,  find your own “Quiet Place”, where you uninterrupted investigate what is important to you right now. Bring a pencil and paper.

Sincerely Stig Seberg