Chance for balance – your values are your guide in life

Know your values – and use them as your guide in life

Article in Jyllands-Posten on 28 Sept. 2006
Take a pencil and some paper and write the values and areas up to fill in your life. Give each area character and focus on what is the right balance for you right now, urges Stig Seberg.


Inside his head, Stig Seberg have a invisible wheel, which reads listed the values in life that mean the most to him. Each area is prioritized with numbers from one to ten depending on how much he seeks to ensure that the value must fill and shape his life.

Stig Seberg is 43 years old and a man with a vision.

A man who strives to live his life with a constant focus on getting more out of what makes him happy. And it’s not smart TVs and expensive furniture. Not anymore. It is family togetherness and the free Star Moments, which can be a bike ride in the woods, a hot tub or a wild play with the kids in the garden in Skovlunde.

Together with his wife, who works at a pharmaceutical factory, Stig Seberg has three boys of eight years and six years. He is a graduate business degree in marketing and made a career in the fast-paced IT industry, until he had children and discovered that the company and he had very different perceptions of how much children and family should be prioritized. Maby he just became very clear of what he wanted and what to get rid of?

It culminated in a dismissal, after which he turned down the pace and consumption, while he began to coach himself – and then others. Among other things, using the mentioned balance wheel by holding courses in the art of achieving balance in life rather than stress.

“First you focus on what makes you happy. And it can be different things at different stages of life. The process in itself provides you with the energy needed in order to figure out how to get more of what you want. In principle, one can make such a wheel also for one’s family and for one’s work”, he explains and emphasizes that he does not believe in total harmony, but on the need for coping with chaos.

“Many people take their lives to revision when they are stressed out, but one should rather do it when you feel good. As has been surplus to go for it, gives one the good energy, “emphasizes Stig Seberg, whose status as an independent has given the family more flexibility in everyday life. A flexibility that is to give him and others more peace of mind.